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Learn how Travelomatix has helped Era Bookings (Nouvelle Voyages) to double its sales.
Mr Boubakeur Hamana, the general manager of Nouvelle ère de Tourisme et Voyages Algeria, shared his growth story of doubling his sales in a short span of time. A robust booking platform, his customer centric strategy and his extensive experience in travel domain stood on his right side. He says,
"If you want to up-level the customers, you have to up-level yourself first."
Travelomatix success story
Below are the top contributors to his success.
Robust booking engine platform
I visited India to meet Travelomatix team. I knew that apart from robust booking engine platform, I was more looking for strong IT partner. I was impressed by great infrastructure, a unique product team in core, implementation team for customer interface and Travelomatix's quicker to go market approach.
Don't sell deals, sell expertise!!!
Many agents advertise deals on their booking platforms and send promote it. It's tough to beat deals on the Internet, and will be even tougher proceeding further. Upgrade your booking engine and define a clear strategy to sell expert advice and personalized service.
Plan your segment well
In general, global market has two traveler types. 1 - Those with more money than time and 2 - those with more time than money. Target both segments but travelers with more money than time value purchasing a agency's expertise and ability to handle and manage all aspect of the trip.
Engage and sell through social media
I highly recommend social presence for your travel business. Get your customers be fans and to post reviews of your services. Engage them with insights and tips. A facebook page is best used, when it's less about selling and more about engaging.
Self-check: Am I delivering the best value?
The market's constantly changing. You need the best technology, best in-house team and best strategy to win this. Deliver your customer the best to be the best?
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August 12 2016
Travelomatix was named as winner of "Travel Technology Platform of The Year 2016" at IITM for enabling the travel agencies, tour operators and holiday companies to leverage the key benefits of OTA platform.
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October 14 2016
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